It is important not to import any video on your Chatbot because the user experience can be significantly degraded. Indeed, if your video is too heavy, it will take longer to load and play.

To optimize this weight, you can reduce the size of your video and/or compress it. Be aware that performing these operations will not necessarily affect the quality of the video.


Full HD 1080p video is not useful in a small Chatbot window. Choose a small format, you will gain enormously in loading time and fluidity. We recommend videos with a width of 640px which is much more reasonable.


The principle of compression is to reduce the weight of the video by reducing the image quality, the sound quality and by reducing the number of images per second.

With video processing software, you can compress your videos and drastically reduce their weight without the loss of quality being visible to the naked eye.

You will find many free software that will help you process your videos.

Errors during upload

Errors while uploading video can be related to the following:

  • Weight: Botnation limits the weight of videos to 3mo if you import a video present on your computer or 25mo if you import a video already online.

  • Format: Botnation only accepts the mp4 format.

  • Upload time: If the video takes too long to be sent to our servers, we block the transfer for security. If you're sending video from your computer, your speed may be too slow. If you are using the url of a video that is already online, the server hosting the video may not deliver it to us quickly enough.

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