Here are the steps for connecting to the BOTNATION AI platform

1 - Sign in to your Facebook account.

ℹ️ It is important to sign in with a Facebook account that is associated with the
Facebook pages that will be linked to your chatbot.

So we need to make an association between your Facebook account and
BOTNATION AI. 👉 We will never post anything on your pages, your wall or anywhere else.

2 - Then go to

3 - Click the login button to Facebook or Google.

👉 Once again, we will never publish anything on your Facebook pages, your wall or elsewhere but we must recover the list of your pages to connect your chatbots. You can indicate which pages you want us to manage the Messenger.

🖐️ SUPER Important:
Validate ALL the permissions requested by Facebook otherwise you will not be able to publish your chatbot and it would be a shame 😤

4 - Please fill in the requested information, such as the name of your company if you are a professional, your email address. This information will be used to create your space on BOTNATION AI.

5 - You are now connected to the platform BOTNATION AI !! Happy bot building
🤖 🎉

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