In the "Settings" section, there is a sub-section called "Messenger appearance" for this purpose.

You can choose : 

  • Avatar name: the name of your Chatbot
  • Description: text that will be put under the name
  • Avatar image
  • Theme color: to match with your website

You can also customize the Messenger launcher appearance.

You can choose :

  • Message : text above the button
  • Call to action : text of the button that launch the discussion

Make as many tests as you need to make it perfect, you can preview it by clicking on the "Test" button (top right).

Disclaimer : Those customizations are only available for website chatbots using Botnation. They're not available for Facebook Messenger chatbots.

If you like to go further and learn about all the options available for your website chatbot,  here are some articles of interest : 

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