The simplest solution is to connect Botnation via the Zapier connector. You will be able to export your data collected during the conversation to zapier.


How to do :

First and foremost: You must have an account on Zapier

1 - Create your conversation flow

2 - Use the "Webhook" function once the variables that interest you (first name, mail, phone number, etc. collected)

3 - Copy paste the "webhook" that Zapier will have communicated to you. Do not forget to test your bot for validation on Zapier.

4 - it's done! Your zap is connected. You will automatically receive the data collected by your chatbot.

💡 Having a hard time creating your zap at Zapier? 

1- Click on "Make a zap" to create your zap. 

2- Click on “Webhooks”.

3- Select "Catch Hook".

4 - Copy the URL of your webhook then click on "continue".

5-  Click on "continue". 

6- Your webhook is created. You just have to connect 

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