What are the elements of a sequence?
Easily start building your chatbot
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Easily dial your conversation flow with built-in features.

Text: add text (max 645 characters) You can create text variants that you can display either randomly or linearly.

Image: add visuals (png, jpg, gif). You can also create variants. You can either
import them from your computer or copy / paste the URL of an image. Example:
πŸ’‘ remember to limit the weight of your images to optimize loading times.

Video: add videos (mp4). You can upload videos up to 3MB or copy the URL of the
25MB video. The URL of the video must end with .mp4 Example:
πŸ’‘ you can host the video on a dropbox and paste the URL generated by dropbox,
just think to replace the = 0 at the end by = 1

Button: Create action buttons to redirect your users to a sequence, a website, a
phone number.
☝ you are limited to 3 buttons. Know that you can a / b test these buttons.

Quick Replies: These are answers that you will suggest to your users. You can
redirect to a sequence or a geolocation request.
☝ you are limited to 11 answers.

RSS: Add an automatically updated news feed to your chatbot. Accessible from the
first paid package.

Carousel: The carousel format is composed of a visual (png, jpg, gif), a title and
☝ only the title is obligatory. You are limited to 11 carousels. Know that you can a / b
test these carousels.

Redirect: redirection is used to direct a sequence to another sequence.

GPS: This feature will help you locate your users with Facebook's native
geolocation feature.
Once filled in, you will be able to exploit the variables {{GPS_COUNTRY}},
{{GPS_CITY}}, etc.

User Input: allows you to record action information (buttons / quick replies) or free
input (What is your e-mail? My e-mail is jon@botsecret.com). You can re-use this
information in the conversation or export it (see API function).

allows to put a "blank" in the conversation. Feel free to use it to make the
conversation more humane and allow your users to take the time to read your
previous message.

Condition: Influence your scenario and assign an action based on information you
have. This makes it possible to create very intelligent bots.
πŸ’‘ example of use: if my user speaks French then I will redirect it to the French part
of my bot.
Another use: if my user has already been exposed to a specific sequence then I
could redirect him to another sequence.

Assign: Allows you to associate a sequence with a variable without user action.
πŸ’‘ very useful for "tagging" sequences already seen so as not to re-display them
next time.

Increment: Increase the saved variable.
πŸ’‘ very handy, especially in quizzes or when you want to "score" a user.
The 99Quiz bot uses this feature: m.me/zorglub.the.great
Decrement: the same as incrementing but decreasing.

Subscribe - Notifications: This feature allows your users to re-subscribe to your

Unsubscribe - Notification: This feature allows users to unsubscribe from your

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