As you might know, you can add a Botnation's chatbot on any website supporting JavaScript. To ease the process, we also created a plugin in Wordpress so as your chatbot is added in a few clicks on your Wordpress website. Now, it's time to move a step further to make your life easier, that is why we are glad to announce we worked on a new feature for Prestashop !

We know most of you use CMS to create and publish their website. It was big time to shorten the process for you. Here you go, follow the steps and publish your chatbot !

1- Download & set up the feature

Si ce n'est pas déjà fait, installez le module Botnation sur votre site Prestashop. Here is a video that explains the process.

2- Create a web chatbot

Go to and click on the web tab.

You can create a chatbot in 2 different ways :

  • By using an existing model (Templates) which can be adapted to a e-commerce website. Click on the button "ADD" to create the chatbot.

  • From scratch by clicking on the button "CREATE A CHATBOT"

You will find our tutorials on our very complete online help and on our private conversation group.

3- Botnation's subscription

If you want to publish your chatbot, you'll need a Botnation's subscription, find the offers details on our website.

4- Chatbot's publication

Once subscribed, you can install your chatbot by clicking on the button "Enable" (top right corner), by choosing the option "Add my website"

A pop up then appears, choose the "Prestashop" tab.

Choose an easy to remember name, then type precisely the website's URL by indicating http:// or https:// before the URL.

Tick the "Enable subdomains" tab if the chatbot should work on several sub domains. For instance, in the case of a multi websites Prestashop project, you should enable it.

After having clicked on "Enable the chatbot", the website ID box appears :

Copy that website ID, it will be useful for the next step.

5- Set up the Botnation feature on Prestashop

Go to the Prestashop dashboard, in the "Settings" part of the Botnation feature. Add the website ID you previously copied. It is the only mandatory information to make the chatbot work.

Here are the extra boxes that can be useful :

  • Automatic launch : enable the chatbot to automatically open for new visitors. Be careful, those users will be automatically counted in the quota.

  • Ref : the chatbot opens on a precise sequence or on the default sequence any time a visitor arrives on your website. To open the default sequence, enter this parameter with 'restart'. To start with a specific sequence, enter the indicated value in the sequence's title (on the chatbot's platform).

  • Language : choose the preferred language on the chatbot's platform.

  • Full screen : activates the full screen mode.

  • Launch when the page is loaded : the chatbot launches as soon as the website is entirely loaded. Then, the chatbot's loading has no impact on your website's loading speed. Warning : on some web chatbots, activate this option can prevent the chatbot to launch.

  • Container's ID : enables to display the feature in an existing HTML tag. The ID should match with an existing HTML ID on this page.

Once the settings defined, you can click on the button "Save". Your chatbot now appears on your Prestashop website ;)

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