Loïc Rivalain has a dream job : he creates games for a living ! Through his communication agency, Ma Langue Au Chat, he provides his clients for out of the box experiences. His activity is then mainly "physical" but the digital tools enhance his projects. Botnation and its chatbot solution help him to have a better overall experience, especially thanks to the avatar feature, that Loïc masters ! He told us his experience of Botnation and gave us a few tips.

Present yourself and your company :

My name is Loïc Rivalain, I am an Artistic Director at Ma Langue Au Chat, a communication agency which essential axis is the game. We conceive treasure hunt, murder parties, escape games and many other, for every public : companies, brands, administrations.

Quelles ├ętaient vos probl├ęmatiques avant le lancement de votre chatbot ? What were your goals before launching the chatbot ?

We were looking for flexible, mobile, web-app, register-less solutions for players. Our need was to help players on their quests, with a simple interaction with a virtual persona, a longer game, indexes to find and so on.

How did the chatbot idea come up ?

We came to the conclusion that the conversation model fitted us (other solutions existed for games) but the chatbot's simplicity and its capacity to mock a conversation seduced us.

Why did you choose Botnation ?

We firstly worked with your competitor Chatfuel, but Botnation seduced me with 3 advantages : the team reactivity, Made in France ! - I was happy to be advised in French - and competitive prices.

How did you create the chatbot ? What was the set up process ?

We have created many chatbots : I trained my authors pool and they were rapidly able to work on it with the features (carousels, GIF, AI...).

How did you measure the first results ?

Due to our sector and the nature of our activities, the results are not quantitative : the chatbots are made for events, in order to animate it, give clues etc. The participants are amazed by the interface, which is a game mechanics (among others) in the middle of their adventure, but we have very good feedbacks each time. The most important is to have a simplified tree, even though the tool is powerful.

Do you have any advices to give to a company that wished to launch a chatbot ?

When you start your chatbot, plan a short overall conversation : the options and features are numerous and you could get lost ! Then, add sequences. Prefer a short and efficient conversation rather a long and boring one !

Also, use the avatar features to give identities to different personas : work on its language, its tone and give it a kind of personality.

Once finished, have the chatbot tested by your coleagues.

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