In France, the DREETS (ex DIRECCTE) depends on the Labour Minister. The department has been using a FAQ chatbot for the past year in order to reduce the number of calls on its phone line so as its employees gain some time for more interesting tasks. Valérie Germain, in charge of technologic projects, set up the chatbot and told us about the conversational agent efficiency, even though the features used are basic (read : she did not use Botnation's most advanced features).

- Introduce yourself and your organization ?

My name is Valérie Germain, I'm in charge of projects aimed at modernizing the internal services for the French public administration DREETS in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.

To sum up, DREETS ARA is basically our work inspection service. Our role is to control market's regulation, consumers' security and economic protection. We also provide for firms' economic health and we help them to develop.

- What were the problems to be fixed before launching the chatbot ?

The regional service in charge of lifelong professional training (DREETS since April 2021) set up a phone line to answer daily questions, but it turned out to be over saturated quickly.

- How did you come up to the conclusion a chatbot would meet those needs ?

When I discovered the "carousel" feature, I realized it was exactly what we needed. We wanted to have a simple and efficient chatbot without user entries, we made it !

- Why did you choose Botnation ?

As we were looking for new and innovative communication tools, I discovered your platform. I watched a few webinars (only in French so far, sorry !) and read some tutorials. I realized it was no code and I could absolutely master it. Besides, I booked a few training sessions with your dedicated service in order to go further in mastering the platform. In the future, we will definitely enhance the chatbot and create more complex ones !

- How have you set up the chatbot ? What was your creation process ?

The tool is didactic enough and by testing your features, reading your tutorials, I could level up along the months.

- Could you measure the first results ?

The chatbot reduced massively our daily requests. It's still difficult to have an accurate view on the numbers, but we definitely know our operators gain a precious time over their everyday job.

- What would you advise to a company that is about to launch a chatbot ?

My main advice is to not be afraid to dive into it ! Test the solution, try it, be curious and you'll succeed, for sure.

Find the Dreets Auvergne RhĂ´ne Alpes in full screen !

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