Active since early 2021 on the Botnation platform, Geoffrey Courtin and his Hello Scoot team are working on their chatbot to automate the most recurring questions on their social networks. Geoffrey agreed to talk to us about his experience with Botnation !

Can you please present your company ?

I work for Hello Scoot, a self service scooter rental company, connected and eco-friendly. We are based in French Polynesia, in the Pacific Ocean. Launched in 2019, the company participated in the CCISM's PRISM competition and ended a finalist of the event. A member of French Tech and supported by various local and metropolitan actors, we are riding the click&start wave, namely, the possibility to book a scooter in a few clicks via our mobile app, without going to an agency to pick up the keys or sign a rental contract. The pricing is based on a per-minute system, ideal for short trips in urban and dense areas. I am in charge of customer service, meaning I'm the gateway for information and processing customer requests with the company. My daily tasks optimization process reflections resulted in creating a chatbot.

What were your issues before launching your chatbot ?

When we launched our website and the company's Facebook and Instagram pages, we noticed that certain questions were recurring.

How did you conclude that a chatbot would meet these needs ?

It wasn't a problem in itself, but we thought that using a bot could save us a lot of time while still providing a quality customer service. We then turned to a bot solution to allow us to filter certain requests, or even to answer completely to the customers' requests without needing human intervention.

Why did you choose the Botnation solution ?

There is something we are sure : we are satisfied so far with the efficient support your teams have shown, congratulations to you.

How did you build the chatbot ? What was the creation process ?

The chatbot's construction is based on a funnel system to divide customer requests. So we quickly made sure that we had a system of customer identification, identification of their request and immediate processing of the information by the bot if possible. It can be about asking our opening hours, how to register or how Hello Scoot works. If the customer wants to talk directly with a human operator or if his requests can't be handled by the bot, then the set up is designed to notify our teams that someone wants to talk. The construction is based on multiple-choice questions as well as on learning how to chat with an interlocutor without systematic intervention of an operator (thanks, hello, goodbye etc).

Have you been able to measure the first results ?

Currently, we are monitoring case by case the requests on the bot of the site or the FB page in order to check if the construction correctly responds to the customer requests, and the optimization to each new unexpected request.

Would you have some advice to give to a company that also wants to launch a chatbot ?

I think it's important to make sure to notify any interaction with the bot so that a human interlocutor takes over in case of technical questions. Reactivity will generate customer satisfaction.

Find the Hello Scoot chatbot on their website !

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