Stéphanie Romeuf is the communication manager of the social real estate company Caen la mer Habitat and a Botnation customer since 2021. With her team, she deployed the chatbot project to improve exchanges with tenants. She tells us about her experience with Botnation.

Introduce yourself and your company...

I am Stéphanie Romeuf, communications manager at Caen la mer Habitat, the leading social real estate company in the urban community of Caen la mer, in Normandy (France). With a portfolio of almost 11,500 homes, we house nearly a quarter of the population of Caen.

What were your issues before launching your chatbot?

Our office is very close to its tenants. We try to develop innovative solutions, especially for our contact methods. We have a dedicated switchboard, a website, an online tenant space and a Facebook page. We wanted to offer our tenants a complementary communication channel so that they could reach us 24 hours a day, at least for "simple" questions that do not require the intervention of an advisor.

How did you come to the conclusion that a chatbot would meet these needs?

We did a benchmark, attended some webinars and exchanged with other companies which had already implemented this technology. It seemed relevant to us, and quite affordable compared to the service.

Why did you choose the Botnation solution?

After having studied several alternatives, Botnation appeared to be the solution with the best quality/price ratio, also ergonomic and ease of use. We really appreciated the support we were offered. Cyprien was always very reactive to answer our requests, help us in our steps and gave us his tips and tricks. We appreciate the fact that adjustments are made in real time on the site.

How did you build the chatbot ? What was the creation process ?

We set up a small project group with the communications department, the head of the Customer Relations Department and a member of the Quality and Internal Control Department. First, we discussed the type of presentation and process we wanted, then we suggested the themes and questions via a table where everyone could contribute with their ideas. We created the chatbot, tested it internally, and then launched it "for real"!

Have you been able to measure the first results?

Yes, we already have a good usage rate. We meet with the project group every month to study the user requests to which the chatbot has not been able to provide an answer in order to adjust its behavior as much as possible. It is not yet perfect but it allows a first level of information and a help to navigate in our website.

Would you have some advice to give to a company that also wants to launch a chatbot ?

Set up a reactive and motivated project group... and don't hesitate to launch it, even if it doesn't seem to be completely successful!

Find the chatbot Clemh on Caen la mer Habitat website !

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