To begin, take a look at the following documentation to learn how to install your Chatbot on your website. If your Chatbot is already installed, skip directly to the next step.

The Javascript code inserted on your website can be modified as you wish. It is possible to add external variables that will be interpreted by your Chatbot.

In this purpose, add the externalDatas as follows :

window.chatboxSettings = {
appKey: 'XXXXXXXX',
websiteId: 'XXXXXX',
language: 'fr',
externalDatas: {
maVariable1: 'mavaleur',
maVariable2: 2

In this example, we created 2 variables :

  • maVariable1 which takes the value 'mavaleur'

  • maVariable2 which takes the value 2

Then, set up the variables in your chatbot under Settings > Advanced settings > External variables

Then, inject those variables in your text / conditions.

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