Botnation conveys a basic module for escalation to a human. In short, when the chatbot shows its limits (because it does !), you can offer to transfer the discussion to a human, through a live chat. Several users told us that they want to use a live chat 100% of the time, without using the chatbot.

โš  Disclaimer : this option is only available for web chatbots โš 

We listened to them and implemented an advanced version of this feature. You must have seen it when you went to the "Conversations" tab of your chatbot ๐Ÿ˜‰

We are happy to announce that Botnation is now a 360ยฐ conversational platform offering conversation automation (via the chatbot) and instant chat (on the live chat)!

On this screenshot, you can see the conversations' menu, on the left in the circle, where you can find :

  • Your conversations' history

  • The escalation to the human's management

You can see that you are in the default mode, notably by the names of the users that are not filled in and the notes, functions that are only available in the Premium mode.

Hereafter, we will discover the incredible new features of this advanced version !

First of all, in order to access this, we need to issue you the specific licenses. You need one license per consultant. To get them, please contact me on my email ( or on the support.

Once this is done, we will update your account with the required number of licenses. Let's go!

Advisors' management

Once your chatbot is open, go to the "Conversations" side tab. Choose "Advisor Management:

The first block is for the administrator's account that holds the license. Let's say you need 3 consultants, including yourself. We will administer 3 licenses for you.

The number of licenses granted is displayed in the middle of the page (2 on the screenshot for instance) :

Once you have invited your collaborators to participate in the chatbot by sharing the rights, you will see them appear in the second block "Your collaborators".

To the right of each name, a pencil appears. Click on it to edit the information and rights:

  • Name visible to users: choose the one you prefer

  • The email is already present

  • Avatar: upload an image.

  • "Last activity" and "number of messages" will be updated by the system

  • Licenses : click on the "Livechat Premium" box to grant a license (deducted from your quota)

  • Activate the box "Show discussions where the chatbot has the hand" if you want.

  • You can also decide to have your advisors intervene only on certain pages.

Each tab corresponds to a site on which the chatbot is connected. If you have only one website registered, as is the case here, then you will have only one tab.

Live chat's settings

After publishing your chatbot, you will notice that a new tab appeared with the name of your chatbot :


So far, conversations are anonymized, like in the standard version. We will see how to customize this workspace.

Assign a first name variable to chat users

You're up and running ! The licenses are activated on the advisors, you just have to wait for the conversations to start.

When configuring the chatbot, we advise you to ask for the user's first name in the first sequences and to capture this information in a variable such as {{FIRST NAME}} or {{COMPANY}}. This will allow you to display the first name of your contact or the company name, which is a great advantage when you manage several tickets. To learn more about variables, read our complete guide.

Then, click on the small cogwheel, visible on the picture above. This will show you the pseudonym settings :

Click on the variables symbol {...} below the text box and choose your variable {{LAST NAME}} :

Then, save.

Now, let's wait for discussions...

Start an instant chat

When a transfer to the human is required by the user, you will receive an email but also a notification in your Botnation space. This notification is materialized by a small number in orange displaying the number of conversations to be processed.

Apparently, 2 people want to talk to us ! These people have given their names and they have been brought up by the chatbot:

When a user activates the live chat, you will receive an email on the address provided:

Also, a browser notification will let you know. Remember to accept that Botnation sends you a notification in your browser.

We also added a sound notification to warn you someone wants to talk to you.

The main menu

You can also see that the first green point "Livechat" displays the live chat conversations. The second one "Closed" will show you the closed conversations and the third one, "Chatbot", will show the automated chats of the chatbot allowing access to the history.

The drop-down menu just below offers to display :

  • All conversations

  • Unassigned conversations

  • Unread conversations

  • My conversations

By clicking on the desired conversation, the details are displayed on the right panel. You now have access to your user's request.

Leave a note

The message in yellow (1) is a note left by your collaborators. It is visible only to them and you. The user does not have access to it. This is very practical to leave information to your colleagues!

Reply to a caller

The caller's message appears in the white text boxes (2). To reply, go to the text zone (3), type your message and click on the "send" symbol. To leave a note, click on "Leave a note" (4). The text zone will appear in yellow to confirm that this is your private space.

Color code

In order to make it easier for you to handle large volumes of simultaneous conversations, we have introduced a color code:

The user's dot is green when the user is connected.

  • The outline of the dot is orange on the avatar when the message has not been answered.

  • When a message is unread, it appears in green.

Send images

To send an image, click on the corresponding symbol below the text box.

The conversation on the user side

Your users will receive the answer instantly. Here is an example of what they will see:

When the user wants to return to the chatbot, he will click on the button provided for this purpose (which you have previously configured in the escalation to the human). For example, this is the "Back to chatbot" button. Then, the chatbot's sequences will unfold as you have programmed them.

Close a conversation

For your part, you can close the conversation when you consider it over.

If you made a mistake, don't panic! It's not irreversible ๐Ÿ˜‰

Choose the "Closed" button to access the accidentally closed conversation, then click on the icon at the bottom left and confirm the operation. The conversation will be active again in "Livechat".

Display user variables

The side panel opens with the white arrow (circled in red on the screenshot) and displays the user's variables. Feel free to add his number of sessions, his email or any other useful data.

The side panel :

Assign a conversation to an advisor

As a general rule, when a counselor takes a conversation, it is automatically assigned to them. Then, each advisor can find his current discussions via the drop-down menu provided for this purpose. He can also find his colleagues'.

When configuring the transfer sequence to the human, Botnation also offers the option to automatically assign the conversation to a consultant.

The advisor's avatar appears in the conversation window at the top right when the conversation is assigned to them :

Add an automatic note :

In the Botnation functions present on each sequence, we added the possibility to leave an automatic note for the advisor.

When the conversation starts, the note will appear in the conversation on the advisor's side:

You're now ready to go ! This advanced version of the basic module will allow you to efficiently manage dozens and dozens of simultaneous conversations with multiple advisors.

Do you have questions ? Any advice ? Feedback ? Join our private discussion group ๐Ÿ˜‰

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