A year ago, we launched our affiliation / sponsorship program which allows you to advise Botnation to your network and to receive a recurrent income on the generated subscriptions (25% !). If you missed the news, follow the guide!

This is the first way to make money with Botnation. We will see the other possibilities to monetize your work on the platform.

Before going into detail, let's remind you how Botnation works!

Botnation's economic model

Botnation is a free tool allowing you to create a chatbot. The Discovery mode (which is the free one), give you access to the creating, editing and testing tools.

Botnation requires a subscription when the chatbot is published, not before, so as your reflection time is not billed.

The collaboration mode

Here comes the interesting part 😏 Botnation offers the possibility to add collaborators to your chatbot and share it, and even to transfer the property. You have the choice !

It allows you to create a chatbot and add your collaborators so as they also test and edit the chatbot, or you can definitely transfer it on another Botnation's account.

At this stage, you still haven't spend any euro !

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How to monetize your work on Botnation ?

Let's talk about the most interesting part !

The easiest way to proceed is to create a chatbot for a client and transfer the property. Then, you'll have created it for free on the platform and the client will have paid for your work. Margin = 100% ! In this case, Botnation's subscription is paid by your client, as he's the one using the chatbot.

There's another more advanced way to proceed. Let's say you have created a chatbot for a baker. Sell it to a first bakery, then transfer the chatbot's property to this first client. Before that, you'll have kept a copy of the chatbot on your account by duplicating it. Then, you can sell the copy to as many bakeries as you can ! You still not have to pay the Botnation subscription as you sold the project which will be published by another account. Moreover, you worked on the chatbot only once ! Wonderful, isn't it ?

You can also keep the chatbot's property and activate the collaborating mode for your clients and bill managing services for updating the chatbot and enhancing it. Why not train your clients to teach them how to manage the platform ? This way, you'll make extra money 😉

Last advice (but not least) : some templates are already available on the platform with specific uses : Real Estate agency, FAQ, After sales service... Just replace the exiting infos by your clients' and sell the chatbot ! You'll gain time. Find the templates here.

To sum up, you can make money thanks to Botnation :

  • by selling chatbots made for free

  • by managing your clients' chatbots

  • by training your clients

  • and by recommending Botnation to your network !

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