5.1 More than an evolution...

We have developed a new version of our AI learning algorithms and mechanics.

This version is more powerful and simplifies the task of chatbot creators even more.

In the advanced settings of your chatbot is now available an option allowing you to use v1 or v2 for NLP.

All chatbots already made on Botnation are automatically configured in V1, including models. We ensure backward compatibility for all chatbots already on the platform if you don't want to change anything.

All new chatbots, and future models, will now default to V2.

Nothing prevents you from changing the configuration of an already existing chatbot v1 in v2 but its operation may require many simplifications of your rules. We recommend that you do not modify the configuration of an already operational chabot but rather duplicate this chatbot. On this duplicated version, then change the configuration and then modify your NLP rules while thoroughly testing their new behavior before publishing this duplicated version of your chatbot.

This already works in many languages ​​and we will try to cover a dozen more quickly in the future.

5.2 Keywords and Expressions V2

With this version, you just need to add a verb in the infinitive and all its conjugations are automatically detected.

In addition, you only have to enter the masculine and singular words so that the plural and feminine are also detected.

Exemple: We would like the AI to understand the phrases "I want to sell an apartment" and "I am selling an apartment""


Using V1 you have to create a rule with the following Expressions:


Using V2 it suffices to use a single Expression:

5.3 Recommendation Engine V2

In the Recommendation Algorithm tool following user input is also indicated information between [...] the NLP's vision on this request. This will then allow you very easily to add relevant rules and expressions.

Exemple: The AI does not understand the phrase “Do you have apartments to rent?”


Here is what V1 displays:


Using V2 we see that the algorithm has understood the following sequence of words and verbs: [do you appartment rent]. Which could become a rule.

You no longer need to try to think like a robot to make a new rule since you can actually see how it thinks.

5.4 Keyword Librairies V2

In V1, a Libraries were only usable as a kind of Keyword. This limited its uses.

Now you can include a Library in an Expression. And that changes everything.t.

Exemple: By creating the following Library with synonyms for Apartment:

And by including it in this Expression in an AI Rule:

The chatbot is then able to understand and identify the following sentences:

This example perfectly shows the simplicity and the power of this Version 2 of our NLP.

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