1.1 Do you really need an AI?

1.2 The limits of AI

1.3 The Default Answer sequence

1.4 What type of Artificial Intelligence can we find on Botnation?

1.5 Is it complicated to configure?

1.6 What degree of complexity is best suited?

1.7 Why do we have to start from scratch?

1.8 The more the merrier

2.1 Keywords and Expressions

2.2 Negative Expressions

2.3 Priority Keywords (or Exit Keywords)

3.1 Contexts

3.2 Keywords Librairies

3.3 Tunnels

3.4 How do I find which rules are in conflict?

4.1 What to do when users ask multiple questions at once?

4.2 Autonomous learning

4.3 A chatbot's AI is never over

4.4 Recommendation Engine

5.1 More than an evolution ...

5.2 Keywords and Expressions V2

5.3 Recommendation Engine V2

5.4 Keyword Librairies V2

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