“Artificial Intelligence”, this simple association of words makes you dream or scares. AI is taking more and more place in our daily lives and, in recent times, seems to be the solution to all problems big and small.

And when it comes to automated conversational experiences, we think, logically, that this is an area where AI is going to work wonders.

Botnation, as a market leader, has innovative technology that will allow your ChatBot to learn to respond on its own, but you might think that this technology can be extremely complex to implement.

This is not the case, on Botnation it is not complicated. Our approach is quite simply different. When other technologies require the intervention of a specialist, we have chosen a “no-code” and ergonomic interface which is directly aimed at content creators (Digital Agency Project Manager, Marketing Department, Communication Department, Client, Community Manager, etc.).

Our AI technology is very advanced, but we have concentrated our efforts to keep it simple to use. We often present it as “Simple… but powerful!

In addition, we are not dependent on any external AI technology (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.). Your data will be processed only by Botnation proprietary algorithms fully developed in France.

Our tools will allow you to teach your ChatBot how to respond. You remain in control of his apprenticeship.

In this guide, we hope to answer all the questions you have on this topic and even those you haven't thought of. All this is complemented by many practical examples and references to articles in our Online Help to find out more.

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