Of course, you can collect leads via a Facebook Messenger chatbot and it several pros (i.e : automatically retrieving the variables first name, name, sex and the account email). This lead collection is also possible with a web chatbot and - even though the result is similar (generating contacts) - it has other pros. This feature is very powerful at Botnation's. Did you know that a web chatbot generates 30% more leads than a classic form ?

To simplify, we'll distinguish 2 cases : email and phone number (or numbers) retrieving.

Collecting an email

On Facebook Messenger, already existing variables are sent by Facebook, which easies the process. On a web chatbot, it's different. The user's browser doesn't send this data, so you have to ask it to the user.

You'll just have to ask something like "What is your email ?" and record the answer in a specific variable you created, as for instance, {{EMAIL}}. In this purpose, the feature "User input" will be your ally.

Create a sequence aimed at collecting the email and choose "User input" in the features list :

The first scrolling menu will ask you to choose or create the variable in which you want to record the user's answer. Create this variable or choose the already existing one if you created it beforehand :

Then, Botnation offers 3 variables types :

  • Free text entry : the chatbot will accept the exact type of text the answer in the variable {{EMAIL}}, whether it is a complete expression "cyprien@botnation.ai", "My email address is cyprien@botnation.ai" or "cyprien botnation". It can be a problem here because if anything is forgotten by the user (error is human !), it will be recorded and sent to your system anyway.

  • Digits entry : the chatbot will only record numbers which is very useful for a phone number for instance.

    If the user writes "07987654321", then the chatbot registers "07987654321".

    If the user writes "my number is 07987654321", the the chatbot registers "07987654321".

    Also, if someone writes "I want 3 tickets for the show'", the chatbot registers "3", which works even with "I want three tickets for show". In this last case, the chatbot will remember "3". It can be very useful !

  • Detecting an email : it's the same principle. If the user writes "mon email address is cyprien@botnation.ai", then the chatbot will only keep "cyprien@botnation.ai". If the user writes "cyprien@botnation.ai", obviously, "cyprien@botnation.ai" is recorded. Finally, if the user writes any expression or sentence without the "@", then the chatbot repeats the question.

I know it is very detailed, but it is important to understand what the chatbot can do, so as you take advantage of every feature !

Let's get back to our example : the email detection will be very useful because we are sure to retrieve an email address. If you want to check if the email address is true, then you can ask for a simple check. Follow our guide !

To finish, the feature requires a redirection after the user input. Let's create a "Phone collecting sequence".

If you don't want the question to be compulsory, you can add a cancelling button which will enable you to skip to the next question. In this purpose, choose "Add a cancel button" and call it "Skip this question" for instance and choose a redirection sequence.

Your email collecting is ready ! Test it thanks to the dedicated button.

Collecting a phone number

If you have created the sequence "Email collection" in the previous step, open it and add the feature "User input", as you did previously.

Same logic as previously applies : choose the variable, for instance {{PHONE}}.

This time, choose "Digits entry" in the variable type :

Same goes for this sequence, you can add a can button (depends on your strategy). Now, test it ! We advise you to include a final sequence that will recap the info collected, so as the user checks if the infos are correct. If incorrect, you can suggest to go back to the previous sequence and correct the data through a button.

Again, no obligation, it's your chatbot, your strategy ;)

Done ! Your leads collecting form is ready. The chatbot will push the phone number and email address variables, but you can also ask a number of products in which your prospect is interested, a name or an address and so on.

Going further :

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