WhatsApp chatbots are now available through your Botnation's platform in a beta mode, available for a few users for now, until the interface is perfect.

If you want to test, please do by contacting our WhatsApp certified business account : https://wa.me/33644644448

(Botnation AI's business phone number is then +33 644 644 448)

or you can type "Botnation" in the WhatsApp contacts search bar.

We're warning you that this private beta version (only for big accounts) is not as complete as a Facebook Messenger or a Web chatbot.

  • So far, WhatsApp only accepts certified business accounts (such as an existing, reknown and legally certified company). The temporary accounts dedicated to tests, games or marketing operations won't be confirmed by WhatsApp.

  • Messages are billed less than 0,01€ if the message comes from the user, but you'll pay the price of a SMS if you notify a user (less than 24h after the last message)

  • Notifications must respect a template, also submitted to WhatsApp validation.

  • Messages only conveyed images and texts : there's no button or menu. You definitely have to use NLP. Botnation's contexts are also quite handful in this purpose.

  • WhatsApp imposed to have an account linked to a dedicated mobile phone number, but Botnation can provide one as we have an agreement with a phone operator.

These rules might be very restrictive and they are mainly dedicated to brands already recognized but that allows the company to have a real proximity with its users, prospects or clients. A company is able to talk to its audience and notify it (to inform for instance). Moreover, Botnation's interface is strictly the same than for your Web or Facebook Messenger chatbots. One tool to rule them all !

If you're interested by this beta test, contact us and we'll verify if we can integrate you to this program.

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