We noticed our Google Sheets plugin - enabling you to send / retrieve info to / from the online spreadsheet - you are quite a few to use it as a calculator (to calculate distances, weights, price forecast, financial calculations and so on).

We thought it would be easier for you to do those calculations directly on Botnation, without quitting the chatbot platform. We then added a few more advanced and scientific calculation modes. Remember high school Casio and Texas Instruments, they are now available online on your Botnation space !

Of course, a calculation feature was already existing on the platform (+/-/x etc), but we added the following features to enable you to do anything in a click :

  • Sinus

  • Cosinus

  • Tangent

  • Square root

  • Cubed

  • Cubic root

  • Logarithm

  • Exponential

  • Modulo

  • Etc

Your chatbot is ready to take off !

Fusée Ariane 5

A chatbot is not only a static decision tree. Botnation makes it dynamic and push the chatbot's limit to its boundary !

Going further :

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