Cybermailing is a reference when it comes to French automated voicemail. We will show you how to use it for your notifications campaigns by email, using Botnation's own Cybermailing connector. Good news : if you work as a freelance or in a start up, a free account is available at Cybermailing.

Follow the following steps to connect your chatbot to Cybermailing.

⚠ So far, Cybermailing is not available in English yet but in French only, that's why the article is not fully translated. We'll make sure to update it as soon as the French version is live.

1/ First and foremost, connect to Cybermailing.

2/ Open the menu "Mon Compte", then the "Profil" tab.

Cybermailing Compte

3/ Copy your secret API key. It will enable you to set up the automations, as for instance adding users between Botnation and your Cybermailing lists.

4/ Your ID will be also used on Botnation, so save it as well. You can connect your chatbot to several newsletters listings. Open the menu "Liste", then choose "Configuration". This ID will also be useful ("317" on the screenshot).

5/ If you want your chatbot to communicate other informations such as postal code, ID order or any preferences, you have to declare or write those personalized items down. You can do that under "Menu" then "Champs Personnalisés".

Cybermailing Personnalisation

For instance, on this screen shot, we want to collect the user's postal code through the item "CP".

Cybermailing Pro

You now have everything you need to set your chatbot up and connect it to your automated voicemail Cybermailing.

On Botnation, choose your chatbot and the corresponding plugin, Cybermailing, represented thanks to its logo (see screenshot below), present in the Email folder.

chatbot cybermailing

Then, enter the informations obtained on Cybermailing : your secret API key and your ID.

You also have to link it to the corresponding Botnation variable.

You're now ready to test ! Your chatbot can collect informations that will be dynamically transmitted to your Cybermailing account. Then, you may notify them by email.

In case of potential mistakes, they will appear on Botnation's Alerts tabs. They'll most likely be caused by an API error or your listings' ID, that's why we advise you to carefully check them before you copy / paste any informations.

Good luck in your data collection !

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