SendinBlue is the European reference for emailing and ranks on the podium of global players ... In addition SendinBlue is French, like Botnation, cock-a-doodle Doo! There is therefore a real alternative to Mailchimp to manage your email and SMS marketing campaigns.

Thanks to the Botnation connector for SendinBlue, it becomes extremely easy to import the email addresses collected by your chatbot into your newsletters. You can also import as many additional fields (called “contact attributes”) as you want, such as first name, last name, customer number, and so on.

First of all you need to get your API Key allowing Botnation to insert contacts into your SendinBlue lists.

On your SendinBlue "Dashboard", open your account menu (top right) then click on the "SMTP & API" section.

Copy / paste your API key. You can generate a new one only dedicated to Botnation if you wish. It is composed of many characters, do not modify it, make sure not to add anything before or after, even a "space" character.

Warning: Your SendinBlue API key must be in v3 format (version 3). Botnation does not support the old API v2 of SendinBlue.

You now need a list ID number so that Botnation adds your users to the correct SendinBlue contact list. To do this, go to the "Contacts" menu (top bar) then the "Lists" tab (on the left).

Write down the number to the left of your list name. For example "3" in this example, just "3" without the "#".

Nothing prevents you from managing several Sendinblue lists on Botnation, the same user can be subscribed to several newsletters if necessary or to a specific list according to his actions in your chatbot.

It's over for the SendinBlue part, now we have everything we need: an API Key and a list number.

Let's move on to Botnation. The SendinBlue connector is located in the "Email" drawer of your Botnation chatbot functions, at the bottom of each sequence on your Botnation interface.

You can add, edit or delete a contact from a given newsletter list. You just have to indicate:

  • The desired function (addition, modification or deletion)

  • Your API key previously copied from SendinBlue

  • Your list ID (number)

  • At least one Botnation variable constituting the user's email address at SendinBlue

If you wish to add additional variables, such as first name, last name or other custom attributes, you will first have to retrieve the declared titles of these "attributes" from SendinBlue. Open the "Contacts" menu (top bar), then "Settings" (left) and open the configuration of the "Contact attributes" panel.

Note the names of the attributes declared at SendinBlue, you can also add some, they will receive the value of your Botnation variables.

On Botnation then declare the SendinBlue attributes and assign the Botnation variables to them.

Your chatbot will then automatically send the data collected in these variables to your SendinBlue list in order to be able to segment or personalize your newsletters.

And There you go ! Your Botnation chatbot and your SendinBlue newsletter & SMS campaigns are now connected and communicate in real time!

If errors occur you will find them in the Botnation "alert console".

These errors will most likely be related to using the wrong API key or SendinBlue list identifier. Please check this information carefully which, if not correct, will block communication between the two platforms.

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