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How to measure accurately your chatbot's events ?
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The "Trackings stats" feature works the same way as a website's tracking tag : insert the tag on a page, and you'll be able to count the number of visitors.

It goes the same way for our own tags : by putting it on a sequence, you'll be able to know accurately how many people visited the sequence.

Why using Botnation's tracking stats ?

It will allow you to count the visitors on a specific sequence and the actions registered. For instance :

  • How many people arrived to this sequence ?

  • How may users consulted a price ?

  • How many people read an article ?

  • How many users finished the first step of the chatbot's form ?

  • How many people reached the second step of the form ?

  • And so on

The main advantage is to be able to use the same tag on different sequences (counting the number of people who reached the price, regardless of the product) or different tracking (to differentiate the form's steps).

Until today, the only way to count the users' actions was to use the global variables but you could not display them on the Analytics board and it was also impossible to extract the period (day, week, month, year). You can now do it with the trackings.

You can put as many tracking as you wish on a chatbot. You just have to indicate a new tracking ID. If you need to use a tracking already created at different steps of your chatbot, you'll only need to select it in the menu. Keep in mind the trackings belong to a chatbot.

The tracking actions are totally anonymous for privacy matters. We count the actions and its dates but not the infos relative to the users (who did the action). If you need to know those infos, you can still use the users variables.

Botnation's trackings stay at Botnation but you can still export the datas to your CRM, Google Sheets, your inbox...

How to set up the tracking tags ?

Let's imagine you need to calculate the number of users who made it to a sequence named "Our prices", in which you indicate your fees.

In this case, the user will open the chatbot and activate the welcome sequence then will go through the path until the sequence "Our prices". In your settings, choose "Our prices".

  • Choose "Tracking stats"

  • Choose your tag : we'll call it "PRICE"

  • From now on, anyone arriving to this sequence will be counted under "PRICE"

  • Wait for people to visit your chatbots, then go to the Analytics tab

At the bottom page, you'll find a box dedicated to tracking "Your tracking stats".

The number of visits cumulated during the day on the sequence "Our prices" will be displayed in pink. The scrolling menu displays the visits cumulated during the day. You just have to change it to access to the other datas. By putting the mouse en the column, the number of visits will appear.

If you have any extra questions, ask us on the live chat !

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