If you are trainer, coach, professor or a company's Digital Manager, you may want to teach chatbots' set up to your audience (students, trainees, coleagues...) and organize workshops.

Many schools, universities or training organizations already use Botnation to train its students to set up chatbots.

We are still very proud to attend a 30 people subscription to the platform and spend hours online to gain new competencies.

As Botnation is totally free on the Discover mode, it allows you to create chatbots without publishing them, while benefiting from collaborative tools. It eases team work and it perfectly suits to trainings. We're explaining it all below.

Botnation Education

Transmit your students the necessary knowledge to progress today and tomorrow

The idea is to create one chatbot per student on the trainer's account. You may for instance duplicate X times a master chatbot you already set up. You may also add comments on each section, aimed at your students (it can be for instance the workshop's objectives). The, share the chatbots' access to each student by using the email linked to their Botnation's account (created for free). Otherwise, you can ask your students to give you an email address beforehand, and they'll receive an invitation to create a free Botnation account.

The students can now work remotely or autonomously on his projet thanks to the discover mode (at this point, it's still free), in real conditions, limitless and with an advanced testing mode. On your side, you can have a look on their work and comment it.

For instance, you have a class of 30 students.

We then advise you to follow those steps :

1) Subscribe to Botnation AI and create a free account :

1) Inscrivez-vous sur Botnation AI et créez un compte gratuitement :

2) Choose the Web & Wordpress tab, for instance, where you'll find your chatbots projects

3) Click on "Create a bot" under "My bots" section.

4) Create 30 different chatbots : Chatbot A will be assigned to Student 1, Chatbot B to Student 2 and so on

5) Once you created the needed chatbots, enter Chatbot A and go to the Settings tab. Follow the steps explained in this guide to add a collaborator to your project. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary (30 times in our example).

6) Your students will be notified by email and invited to collaborate to your chatbot and create a Botnation's account. They'll be able to work on it and you'll be able to observe their work in real time.

A little trick : comment each section as follows.

You can obviously choose to work on the Messenger tab, in this case, the student will have to connect his Facebook account to Botnation.

This operation has many advantages :

  • Botnation is continuously developed and updated with love with a French and independant team. We're always available to answer your questions (and yours students' as well) through the live chat !

  • You don't need the Botnation's licence, neither do your students.

  • You still have access to your students' work and you can individually attribute grades.

  • If your students then want to publish their projects, you can fully transfer the chatbots.

  • We wrote tons of contents and published video tutorials through our online help.

Feel free to transfer this guide to students and teachers in your network, we promise we'll always be around to help them !

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