Once your chatbot is ready and live, you might want to make it more powerful by matching, sending or treating any data coming from your chatbot. You can now connect Botnation AI to any external system and trigger an action thanks to the Zapier plugin ! Zapier will be the intermediate.

First, select the Zapier feature on your chatbot's interface.

Add a variable through the dedicated button (indicated with the red arrow) that you want to export over Zapier.

Keep in mind that you'll need to recover those informations (BotID + ZapKey) on your Zapier's space.

Use the provided link on point 3- to create your Zap. The link will automatically redirect you on the private Botnation app on Zapier.

Here is the link the Private ZAP to accept :

Then, accept the invitation on Zapier and every authorization.

Zapier 4

On Zapier's dashboard, you can create a new Zap ("Make a Zap")

Zapier 02

Choose our Zapier app "Botnation" by typing the name in the search bar or by finding it in the overall list.

Zapier 03

There are 4 remaining steps to finish the set up :

  • Choose the Botnation event ("Choose App & Event")

  • Select your Botnation chatbot ("Choose Account")

  • Select the variables you might want to export to Zapier ("Customize Variable")

  • Confirm those variables ("Find Data")

Zapier 99

1) Select the event (trigger) "Export variables", the aim is to dynamically export your variables from Botnation to Zapier.

Zapier 04

2) Select your Botnation's account on the scrolling menu.

Zapier 05

It should be the first of the list if you only have one Botnation chatbot linked to Zapier. If you have more chatbots, you'll need the BotID indicated earlier on Botnation.

Then, confirm on Zapier by clicking on "Continue".

WARNING : Paste your "ZapKey" indicated on Botnation in the corresponding field "ZapKey" on Zapier. That will enable Botnation to transfer the data on your Zapier account.

As a reminder, your "ZapKey" is available on your Botnation's dashboard and a tool will enable you to easily copy it (on the right).

Click on "Continue" on Zapier.

3) Congrats ! You accomplished the trickiest part.

You now have to check the connection between Zapier and Botnation is validated and automated by choosing "Test Trigger" on Zapier. Zapier will simulate a user action to get your variables' names.

Zapier 111

You may now verify this connection on Botnation through the feature "Check connection" (Go to the Zapier app). The message should turn green !

4) It's a kind of magic ! Your Botnation's chatbot's variables now appear on Zapier. You just have to choose "Continue".

Zapier 09


Botnation and Zapier are now connected through a real-time transmission. On every step of your chatbot triggering the Zapier feature, Botnation will automatically transmit your data to Zapier.

You can also choose a second Zapier app among the thousands already available. It will be able to use Botnation's data.

Here's an example showcasing a Zap exporting those datas on a CRM app. The Botnation's variables appear and they are exportable in real time in this customer relationships tool.

Zapier Datana 1

Confirm this second action :

Zapier Datana

Activate your Zap :

Done ! You may now test your chatbot and collect thousands of contacts / prospects.

To go further :

  • If you want to export extra variables once your Botnation Zap is live, you'll have to clear that on Botnation and also edit your Zap on Zapier's side (steps 3+4), just like you already did when you created your Zap. Then, Zapier will authorize your variables. Be careful : to edit a Zap on Zapier, you'll have to put it on hold if it's active.

  • If you duplicate a Botnation Zap at Zapier to edit it, the zap source won't receive datas any more as Zapier will use the authorization (ZapKey) to feed the second zap, and not the first one.

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