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Chatbotnation: Chatbot hosting
Chatbotnation: Chatbot hosting
Botnation publish and host your web chatbot in 1 click
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Immediate and automatic hosting of your web chatbot in 1 click ⚡️

You have made good progress on the design of your web chatbot and you now want to put it online. However, it is sometimes complicated to quickly edit your website without a developer or to have to launch a new website to:

  • Present your chatbot to a prospect, customer, your management without already having a specific website available to install it

  • Broadcast your chatbot without needing a web developer who can install the javascript tag or configure wordpress hosting quickly

  • Quickly set up a chatbot for an event

  • Pay for hosting and / or setting up a website in addition to your chatbot

  • Secure a web address with a valid valid SSL certificate to reassure your users

  • Have a memorable and personalized web address for your chatbot;)

We have the solution ! Botnation offers you secure hosting of your web chatbot in 1 click, immediately online, without having a website to install or modify on the exclusive domain name:

We take care of everything for you, your chatbot will immediately be available online on a beautiful address that is easily memorized and distributed, such as:

No need for an additional budget, it's included in your Botnation subscription!

Your chatbot is then available in full screen, fully "responsive" on both desktop and mobile. You can customize your chatbot with a title bar, a background image, the theme colors etc ...

It only takes a few seconds to put your chatbot online.

On your chatbot's building botnation interface, click on the "Activate" button, at the top right. All you need is a valid Botnation subscription.

Choose your personalized address, it will be automatically linked to the domain and immediately accessible online on the site

The Chatbotnation site is also secure, by SSL encryption, to reassure the users of your chatbot.

Your personalized address must only contain letters of the alphabet [a-z] or numbers [0-9], no special characters [! # $].

Here you go!

Your Chatbot is immediately activated, you can access it through your personal address (url). You can copy it by clicking on the copy / paste icon that appears to the right of it.

Quickly distribute this address to all your prospects and contacts so that they can discover and use your chatbot.

Few tips 😀

  • Nothing prevents you from setting up an original personalized address (example: in order to be sure that no one discovers your project if it must first be validated by your client or management before its distribution. You can change this personal address later if necessary.

  • If you want to have your own domain name, for example, you can buy a domain name from a "registar" and automatically redirect it to your personalized address. This is an option generally offered free of charge by domain name management organizations such as Gandi, Netim, Eurodns, etc...

  • You can temporarily deactivate your web chatbot. Your personal address will then be kept as long as you have a valid Botnation subscription.

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