In the classic way, the chatbot is displayed at the bottom right of your site in a window that takes up about 1/16 of the screen.

As an example, here is the Botnation's home page. The red box shows you where the chatbot is classically displayed (the icon can be reduced in the your "Appearance" tab, in the settings).

Chatbot Botnation

We also regularly show you the full screen option where the site is completely replaced by the chatbot, just like Agence Chatbot does. This is extremely useful when you don't really need to back the chatbot to a site, when the site stands on its own. And it's always easier to set up a chatbot on Botnation AI than to develop a site 😏

Here's the full screen mode if you don't know how it looks yet (now you know !) :

Botnation full screen mode

You can check an example of the full screen chatbot on this link (in French).

If none of these solutions work for you, there's a trick we'll detail here: a chatbot that displays full-screen inside a website page!

The result may look like this :

Botnation's half screen mode

This is interesting in the case of a "Contact" or "Online Help" page for example.

How do you do this ? We will explain in detail. You should first consult the article on installing the chatbot to better understand what happens next.

Once the chatbot is installed, here is the procedure to follow:

On page B, in the chatbox tag add fullscreen : tick "true" so that the bot is in fullscreen. Thus, on page A, the chatbot will remain in classic format, and it will appear on the other page in fullscreen !

See you soon for more tips !

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