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How many chatbots can I create on my account ?
How many chatbots can I create on my account ?
Will my billing be impacted ?
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You might need to create several chatbots for your projects. For example, you are an agency and you manage chatbots for different clients. Good news : there is no limit. Botnation AI allows you to multiply projects and create as many chatbots as you need. Another good news : billing will not be impacted !

Indeed, we remind you that billing is based on the number of monthly users and not on the number of chatbots ! Let's demonstrate by the absurd : if you create 1000 chatbots that each have 1 single user, that will be 1000 users, which fits into the Expert package at 29€ per month.

Nevertheless, before creating more projects than you need, be aware that you can connect the same chatbot to several sites or Facebook pages 😉. This makes the daily work easier (modification, editing, management...)

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