it's not possible to modify a system variable.

As a reminder, you have 3 types of variables on Botnation AI :

1) The user variables (created by yourself, they are yours, no one else can use them)

2) The global variables (created by yourself and available for chatbots' users)

3) The system variables (Botnation's variables, you cannot modify them)

👉🏻 For more information on those differences, read our guide.

In the first case, they are used to capture a specific data that you qualify and that the user can modify.

Example :

User variable = {{AGE}}

Chatbot's question : how old are you ?

User's answer : 22

👉🏻 Then : {{AGE}} = 22

You may then reset this variable and write again to modify it.

In the variable system, the chatbot get the information available like, for instance, his user ID : {{USER_ID}}.

The chatbot can also retrieve the current time : when this variable is triggered, it will give the time. At 4.28pm, the variable will indicate : 4.28pm, at 7.43am, it will be 7.43am, you get the idea ;)

Logically, at 4.28pm it cannot be any other time.

It is then understandable why the system variables cannot be modified. Nevertheless, if you want to manipulate them freely, just duplicate them by copying their value in another user variable (which is editable, you get me ?) and write again on it.

A variable can be copied in another by using a second one by resetting the second one by the first one's content, following this logic :

A = System Variable

B = A

Going further :

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