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The settings of a sequence in a Web chatbot
The settings of a sequence in a Web chatbot
Persona, keyboard, link to sequence, context ...
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The settings of a sequence are in the title bar on the far right. Just move the mouse over the white gear icon.

This will open the following menu:

1. Choice of persona

Here you can choose to change your avatar by selecting a persona:

A persona is a virtual identity that the chatbot can assume at a given time (see article: How to add a persona to my  Web chatbot).

2. Activation / Deactivation of the keyboard

You will be able to configure the keyboard according to the following parameters:
- Activated
- Deactivated
- Inherited bot parameters

The choice you will make will take precedence over the default parameter of the bot

Important: the default parameter which determines the behavior of the bot with respect to User input can be found in the “SETTINGS” section, “Chatbot configuration” tab (see the article How to disable the chatbot keyboard).

3. Link to the sequence

This is also where we can get the Block ID of this sequence. Just click on the icon to copy it to the clipboard. 

The URL that will open the chatbot on this sequence will be under following form:

4. Choice of context

If you have activated contexts, it is also in this menu that you can make your choice.

5. Display

When you move the mouse over the artificial intelligence icon, you will see the keywords that trigger this sequence as well as a button that opens the IA tab directly on this rule.

When the menu is closed, you have visual elements which indicate the parameters chosen:

Here, we see that this sequence is in the context "Context 2", there are 3 keywords that trigger it , it is Evan's persona who speaks and the keyboard is enabled.


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