We had the pleasure to be reviewed by the excellent (and highly specialized) website Chatimize led by Joren Wouters, a productive chatbot enthusiast !
The key points are obviously the features offered by the platform but also the channels where the solution can be integrated, the pricing and the tools provided (such as the analytics, the integrations possible and so on). Spoiler : Chatimize gave us a go 😉

We want to thank Joren for his professionalism, his passion and honesty, that was really appreciated. We really care about users, media and any external people's first impressions of the platform, that's why it's very interesting for us to collect feedbacks, whether it comes from a beginner or a true expert. Make sure we turn our weaknesses into strenghts !

What do you think ? Do you like Botnation AI ? What should we improve ? Feel free to email us and give your thoughts !

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