We are very proud to announce the launch of the Botnation Affiliation, many of you have regularly asked us. We have worked very hard to put in place a truly win-win program!

What does membership consist of? It's very simple: You recommend Botnation to your contacts, in exchange we reward you financially.

We pay you 25% of the amount of Botnation subscriptions subscribed by your referrals so you generate a regular passive income consisting of your commissions, while benefiting from the reputation and quality of service of Botnation. A little drawing is better than a long speech:

You can share your referral link via email, social media, your blog or website, forums, and even offline.

Everything is automated, each month your prospects subscribed to Botnation generate your commissions, your payments are sent every month.

You can distribute your dedicated link, including your partner code, on your B2B e-mail database, your editorial sites, blogs, etc.

The best is a blog-post somewhere, on Medium or LinkedIn for example, where you describe your chatbot development experience by recommending Botnation with your link. It will stay for years, be indexed by search engines, and it will add up over time earning you regular commissions.

Need to knom more? We have put online a simulator to calculate the potential income generated by your referrals, the distribution conditions and to obtain your personal referral code.

We really care about relationships winning on both sides, which is why we have worked hard on this topic to help both businesses and self-employed people generate additional income over the next few years through this B2B affiliation. This is not a deduction from your billing or a credit to be spent on Botnation, it is really a dedicated commission paid by transfer to your bank account or a check!

The B2B market generally backtracks 10 to 15% commission, we went straight to 25% because we want our partners to grow with us.

We wish you great Botnation affiliate commissions... Register Now!

⚠️ Some rules to know ⚠️

πŸ‘‰πŸ» You have a personalized and tracked link to transmit to your potential godchildren. When he / she registers for Botnation VIA this link, he / she is identified as coming from you. But only if he used that link alone (and not a natural url, no cookies or whatever). There is no code to transmit.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» If the first month of registration your affiliate does not use the service or remains on the free offer, you will receive 0 €. If the second month he / she uses a promo code for 1 free month, you will receive 0 €. If the third month he takes the Elite offer, you will receive 25% x 49 € (and the following months) for the life of that account!

πŸ‘‰πŸ» If the account is created via your link, it is identified "for life" as coming from you. The affiliate has access to all the advantages of the Botnation offers, just like you, namely: stay on the free offer for the time necessary to build his chatbot, switch to the Elite offer, then to Expert, then back to the free offer, without obligation. In the event of income generated, the retrocession will be done automatically, even after several months of hiatus.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» You can motivate sponsorship and account creation by offering a free 1 month promo code, if you are interested, we will provide it to you. Be careful though, as mentioned above, this will be 0 € for you in the month that this person uses the promo code! In addition, the promo code is decorrelated from your registration link, which is essential for the sponsorship to work properly: the code is generic, and does not track.

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