In Botnation, a library gathers keywords and terms you would use to define an AI rule. This function enables you to import a ready made list of keywords instead of typing them one by one, for each chatbot. If you set up a list once, you can then add it in seconds in the AI tab of any chatbot you own !

It's a considerable gain of time.

For instance, the library called "Greetings" is a shortcut for those keywords : "good morning", "good afternoon", "hey", "hi" and so on.

By using the library "Greetings", the chatbot will react to all those keywords without having to type them one by one.

Of course, some libraries are already suggested, but feel free to create your own and manage them.

A library is linked to your account, which means you can use it on all of your chatbots. Recently, we also enabled the libraries to "follow" a chatbot when its property is transferred. For instance, if you build a chatbot for a client, the chatbot will be transferred with the libraries you set up. It's also a rather useful tool when it comes to manage contexts.

Thanks to libraries, there's no need to duplicate your keywords on every chatbot. Just quote the library name and the corresponding keywords will automatically be considered.

Create a library :

First and foremost, go to your AI tab. Then, choose the green button "Manage Libraries"

Then the following pop-up appears, choose "Create a library"

Just name it, add the keywords and the job is done !

Botnation's libraries :

You will find default libraries with a group of keywords you can import. Our team made them for you !

Add a library in your IA rule :

Add a library in your IA rule by typing an "at" (@) plus your library name :

Or, click on the green button "Add a library" which will suggest your lists.


On the collaboration mode, the editor can consult and/or modify the chatbot owner's lists. The owner can modify the libraries' access in the advanced settings if he wishes to limit it.

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