All you need to know to master Botnation AI

Botnation AI is a no code platform that allows you to create an efficient and creative chatbot in minutes. We don't want you to lose your time, so we gathered a few essentials to help you to get started. Don't worry, it only takes a few minutes and you'll save time 😉

Discover the platform

Don't be scared by the French title, we always have our fellow English-speaking chatbot makers in mind so we activated the English subtitles. More videos will follow soon ! During those 25 minutes, Cyprien onboards you across the different features and explains what you may expect from Botnation. We can safely say that after this video, you'll be ready to create your first project :

The ultimate Artificial Intelligence guide

What makes a chatbot more special than the others ? Efficient AI rules applied to your sector, job, mission, corporation... Good news : it's easy to set up ! We don't mean to brag but our home made algorithms are quite powerful if you understood how to use them. Then, we advise you to read this article explaining it all : All you need to know about Artificial Intelligence by Botnation.

All you need to know about Artificial Intelligence by Botnation: Introduction

Get to know everything about the variables

The variables are a powerful tool when it comes to personalize your chatbot, collect leads or enhance the user experience. Here's a guide explaining how it works and how you can use them to create conditions.

Publish your chatbot

If you got here, that means everything went well for you and you're finally ready to share your work to the world ! Here's the guide showing you how to publish your chatbot on your website and here's the one for Facebook Messenger. You are minutes away from the big launch 😉

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