Botnation AI has developed a network of partners in France and abroad.
BeOnPerf is a long-standing partner that supports brands in their digital strategy with a focus on e-commerce, traffic acquisition and economic performance. BeOnPerf has also been supporting brands in the implementation of chatbots since 2017, using the Botnation platform.

Alain Pezzoni, director of BeOnPerf and digital expert spent at AIR FRANCE KLM for 15 years, co-founder of the start-up and speaker in digital marketing in several specialized training courses (ESM Geneva, SAWI Lausanne).

How did you feel about the explosion in conversational marketing?

It’s a real conversational revolution that goes far beyond social media

Alain Pezzoni: The growing penetration of messaging apps for the general public (Messenger, WhatsApp) and professionals (Slack) in exchanges between individuals as well as between consumers and businesses is opening up opportunities of the same order as was the explosion of mailboxes in the 1990s. It is a veritable conversational revolution which goes far beyond social networks. Messaging will replace emails (at least in part) and telephone conversations that young people have almost completely replaced by text / video / image messages. Added to this is the size of the main actor, who has two key advantages: Messenger and WhatsApp, whose audience is considerable and already connected.

What are the chatbots opportunities for brands?

They seem unlimited since they affect both pre-sales (lead gen, advice, presentation of products / services, FAQ, qualification, etc.) for sale (assistance with purchasing, making appointments) as well as after-sales (customer relations, customer care, helpdesk). Almost all situations of exchanges between companies and their customers can justify a chatbot for at least part of the needs or an initiation of the conversation.

For what uses do your customers want to create a chatbot?

Allow a first chatbot experience on a simple and quick problem to implement

Today the customer is wondering where to start when he realizes the size of the potential. The idea is therefore to allow him a first chatbot experience on a simple and quick problem to implement such as lead generation.

What are the benefits of creating a chatbot with Botnation AI?

Botnation has been active for a long time on bots and has solid experience with many companies, thus increasing the opportunities for feedback. In addition, the team is very attentive to its network of partners and offers real added value in the educational clientele.

Botnation has solid experience with many companies

How does it work with Botnation AI?

Very good cooperation in the pre-sales phases regarding BeOnPerf (prospecting assistance) + assistance with technical implementation / bot configuration.

Some advice would you give to those who also want to create their bot?

Find out first of all about the uses of the cases in place, especially on the American market, in order to find inspiration in terms of business objectives as well as queen term of execution. Almost all industries already have initial experiences from which it is possible to draw inspiration. Finally, very good specialized sites or LinkedIn groups are excellent sources of information on the subject.

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