There are awards that we are more proud of than others, this "Inspirational Conversation Award" is clearly one of them.

A few weeks ago, the AFM-Téléthon digital team contacted us to collaborate with Facebook on the implementation of a chatbot with the aim of raising awareness among young audiences of less than 30 years of age present on Facebook Messenger about rare genetic diseases.

The Botnation team therefore created a chatbot with the aim of identifying a new "charity" model through a conversational approach using instant messaging and showing everyone that nothing is impossible to achieve their dreams.

AFM Téléthon's chatbot on Facebook Messenger

You will discover inspiring stories and a dose of humor leading up to the donation, from only € 5. Throughout the year the chatbot will also deliver current information about the association and its actions.

Marc-Alban Ponthieu from Facebook, Elsa Swierczynski from Téléthon Digital and Emmanuel Françoise from Botnation during the presentation of the "Prix de la Conversation Inspirante" 

The Botnation team wishes to express its immense gratitude to Gwenaëlle and Jonathan who did not hesitate for a second to share their challenges, their daily lives and collaborate in the development of the chatbot. We also thank Christophe Piton and especially Elsa Swierczynski for her confidence and dynamism over the past few weeks ... and those to come!

Jean-Baptiste, Cyprien, Julien and Emmanuel from Botnation during the event #TELETHONDIGITAL

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