Botnation was awarded the Best Conversation Device Award and the Best Lead Qualification Award during the B2B Marketing Grand Prix event alongside Algeco and the AWE consulting company, thus rewarding the establishment of a lead qualification chatbot for Algeco.

Algeco, the inventor of modular construction, is now present in 18 countries in Europe and the leading player in its sector. The majority of its marketing budget is devoted to B2B online marketing to bring visitors to its website who will make requests for quotes and downloads of product sheets.

Marie-Alix Roussotte, Head of Communication & Digital Algeco, decided to set up a chatbot on the website to "answer 24/7 questions to the most common questions and improve the experience of Algeco users and customers ".

The Botnation technology has been selected by the consulting, technology and marketing services company AWE that accompanies Algeco on its digital communication in order to "rapidly and considerably increase the transformation of visitors into qualified contacts" according to Alexandre Garnier, CEO of AWE

This "LeadBot" supervised by Mehdi Boudjemaa, CRO (Conversation Rate Optimization) Manager of AWE, allows in a single place to immediately deliver a detailed answer to the most asked questions by visitors and make a request for quote much faster than a web contact form.

For more efficiency, each contact is automatically distributed by the chatbot in Salesforce to the sales representative of Algeco in charge of the sector and the product consulted when the chatbot detects an opportunity.

According to Vincent Conte, Marketing Director of Algeco, data analysis of the first thousands of conversations held by the chatbot finds a contact request 30% faster compared to the traditional web form. Obviously, visitors enjoy a user experience comparable to their everyday life on messaging and social networks.

As for Alexis Salmon Legagneur, CEO France of Algeco, he notices a + 32% rise in requests for quotations and card downloads. This growth is directly linked to a much better engagement of the audience through the chatbot.

You will find all this information in this video presenting this case study Algeco - AWE - Botnation.

The BOTNATION team sincerely thanks Algeco and AWE for their confidence and the rapid implementation of this B2B lead generation solution. It is a case of ideal use of B2B chatbot and it was a wonderful evening!

Mathieu Houlbert (AWE), Alexandre Garnier (AWE), Marie Alix Roussotte (Algeco), Vincent Conte (Algeco), Mehdi Tamime Boudjemaa (AWE) et Emmanuel Françoise (Botnation)

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