Your chatbot is running in an infinite loop, that is to say that you send it to a following sequence, by a redirection or condition, which itself returns to the previous one.

Sequence A -> Sequence B-> Sequence A -> Sequence B

So he goes around in circles and informs you. Check your redirects or the state of the variables during the conditions.

infinite loop - boucle infinie

These "infinite loops" errors also go back to the Bot error console with a hint on the sequence causing this infinite loop.

On the other hand, this is not the complete solution to your botmaker problem because to loop, you need at least 2 guilty sequences, it can be much more like Seq A-> B-> C-> D-> E-> A , and above all it can come from a complex condition of these sequences, itself based on variables whose value can change according to each user. In short, you have to check your "logic tree".

When the user finds himself in an infinite loop we add a "debug" user variable {{bn_infinite_loop}} parameterized with the value 1 in his profile.

It can be useful for you to "target" it through a Facebook Messenger notification or in a condition.

Don't forget to set this variable {{bn_infinite_loop}} back to 0 once processed.

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