On Botnation nothing easier for your chatbot to send information by email! You just need to configure the Gmail plugin on the settings of your Chatbot.

then click the Gmail tool on the design interface. And There you go !

You can then send an email from your chatbot by writing it quite naturally and including variables {{...}} if necessary.

ATTENTION: The sender ("from") must be an email address to you, that of your gmail account theoretically, otherwise Gmail will refuse to send the email.

It is you who send an email to someone and not vice versa, so as not to impersonate someone else.

You can, however, send an email to yourself if you wish to send collected information from a user.

TIP: If you use variables {{...}} to generate your email you can use the Botnation variable {{NEW_LINE}} which will force a line break in the body of your email message.

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