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📞 Callbot and SMS (for Twilio)
Vocal and SMS chatbots for Twilio
Vocal and SMS chatbots for Twilio
How to set-up a Vocal and SMS chatbot on Botnation and Twilio
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BOTNATION AI allows you to create vocal chatbots (callbots) and SMS bots for phone numbers operated through Twilio. Then, it's possible to manage those projects through BOTNATION AI platform.

An awesome vocal assistant will inform your contacts over the phone, filter and transfer your calls and serve as a voicemail.

Our service supports several languages, it's then possible to use different numbers depending on the country. The language can change during the call as well.

Here are the available languages :

  • French, France

  • French, Canda

  • English, USA

  • English, UK

  • English, Australia

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • Dutch

  • Swedish

  • Turkish

  • Japanese

  • Korean

This service is also available for SMS chatbots.

Requirements :

a/ A Twilio account and at least one active number 

You may have to pay set up, rent and use fees at Twilio's. They're separated from Botnation service.

b/ A BOTNATION AI account and a suscription to our services. That will enable to test the bot, as the bot needs to be published to be tested..

We're giving away one free month with the promo code "TWILIO29" if you're new on the platform.

1. Create your Vocal or SMS bot

Build a Chatbot

Go to the Twilio tab (voice or SMS) and follow the usual conception process.

Vocal Chatbot :

Your bot will speak with a female voice in the desired language (10 available, listed above).

Users just have to speak naturally, we will analyse the words thanks to expressions and keywords you decided, just like a Messenger or web bot.

Tip : Cut your answers in several small blocks. Users should understand everything at once, unlike texts that are readable again and again.

Be careful to indicate redirection to every event. Or use a delay to let your users answer. Indeed, if the vocal chatbot is not told to do anything, it will hang up !

SMS Chatbot :

The user experience is close to a Messenger chatbot's but it's strictly limited to text and Botnation's features.

2. Activate your SMS Chatbot or Callbot

On BOTNATION AI's platform :

Create a Chatbot

Click on "Enable" then add a project for your phone number.

Start the Chatbot Builder

Put the Twilio's phone number with the international indicator starting with "+" (don't put any space in between).

Example = +33140506070 for a French number instead of 01 40 50 60 70.

Then, copy / paste the webhook URL we're displaying. You'll have to transfer it to Twilio later.

Click on "Save" to activate.

3/ Complete your TWILIO set up
Select your number on Twilio (the same you're using for your Botnation's project), it must obviously be active.

Select "Configure" on the platform and paste the Webkook's URL (the same you copied / pasted on Botnation AI). Make sure it's exactly copied / pasted ! Choose "Voice & Fax" for vocal nots, "Messaging" for SMS bots.

The same number can manage both vocal and SMS if it's a mobile number, but you'll have to create 2 different Botnation's projects and communicate 2 different webhooks as features are quite different from one to another.

4/ There you are !

Now, just go and test your chatbot, then spread the word to your users !

if they leave a vocal message (voicemail mode), their messages will end in your BOTNATION AI's account, in the "Received files" tab.

Tip(s) :

You can receive an email everytime you receive a call or a voicemail, including the file's address which will be available in this variant {{BN_URL_UPLOAD}}.

In case of troubles to set it up, just say hi !

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