Of the 300,000 ChatBots created on Messenger, it is clear that a very large majority offers a poor user experience and disappointment.

This is due to the fact that it is a medium still young and that, logically, the experience is lacking to most creators of ChatBots.

The BOTNATION team, present at the emergence of this conversational revolution, decided to share with you a list of good practices that will make interactions with your ChatBot more effective.

1. Do not hide the fact that your ChatBot is a ChatBot

Despite the advances of artificial intelligence in natural language, a chatbot will not live up to a conversation with a human.
If you make the user believe that he is talking to a real person, he will expect a degree of interaction and reasoning that is impossible to reach for the moment.
Your users will be much more forgiving than with a human. And knowing that they interact with a robot gives them a certain distance - an emotional distance - that favors exchanges both in quality and quantity.

Tip: Avoid choosing a human Avatar to represent your ChatBot.

2. Give a personality to your ChatBot

This may seem to conflict with the previous council, but it is not because he
is not human that your ChatBot must express itself like a robot.

The personality of your ChatBot is a determining factor in the user-friendliness of the conversational exchanges.

Ask yourself the question of the way you see yourself, the level of language, the vocabulary specific to your job but also its appearance (avatar).

Tip: Your ChatBot must be consistent with your brand and other communication media.

Feel free to share these tips or discuss them with us. If you have any advice to share we can disseminate.
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