Your chatbot statistics are available in many places on the Botnation interface of your chatbot:

  •  From the Dashboard under the title of your chatbot: :

•  On your offers page in order to choose an offer that matches your chatbot 

 • And finally on the statistical analysis tool totally dedicated to this use being permanently available in the design and maintenance interface of your chatbot:

You will find your Chatbot statistics by clicking on the "Statistics" menu in the menu bar at the top of the interface. It is represented by a curve.

You will then access many indicators:

  • the number of unique users per day / week / month / year.

  • the number of incoming and outgoing messages

  • the number of unanswered messages

If you want to get even more information, like funnel marketing, you can link your BOTNATION AI account with Google Chatbase (analytics for bots) or Dashbot there.
You will then need to activate your token (API key) for Chatbase or Dashbot analytics solutions in the advanced settings (Settings> Advanced settings> Plugins).

However, a lot of data is already available in your interface. Note that the statistics can be exported in Excel format at the bottom of the general statistics page (Export button):

To go further, you can also use, as much as you wish, global variables (in the parameters of your chatbot), to increment, decrement as many times as you want in your chatbot during an action of a user (request for documentation, etc.).
These global variables thus become your own markers measuring all of the actions of all users, your own counters and are always displayed in the settings of your chatbot.

Botnation's tip: Download the file with the daily detail, add a column which subtracts the cumulative statistics from D-1 to D and get the number of daily messages from J.

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