Your chatbot statistics are available in many places on the Botnation interface of your chatbot:

  •  From the Dashboard under the title of your chatbot: :

•  On your offers page in order to choose an offer that matches your chatbot 

 • And finally on the statistical analysis tool totally dedicated to this use being permanently available in the design and maintenance interface of your chatbot:

You will find your Chatbot statistics by clicking on the "Statistics" menu in the menu bar at the top of the interface. It is represented by a curve.

You will then access many indicators:

  • the number of unique users per day / week / month / year.

  • the number of incoming and outgoing messages

  • the number of unanswered messages

  • the tracking tags

  • etc...

A lot of data is available in your interface. Note that the statistics can be exported in Excel format at the bottom of the general statistics page (Export button):

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