Many of you tell us that chatbots are great for helping you improve your business
and your customers' satisfaction on a daily basis. However, you know that a chatbot
sometimes needs a little human boost on very sensitive or very high value requests.
The transfer function of a chatbot to a human is there for that!

When to use the transfer function?

In some cases, the demand made by the user is sensitive or with very high added
value. Imagine a user chatting with Nesla's chatbot, a fictitious brand of electric car.
The user wants to buy the most expensive model. It might be safer for the brand to
transfer to a sales manager.
Ditto if I have a parcel lost with my order on Zamajohn, famous fictional e-commerce
site, I might be more interested in letting a human handle this complex and sensitive

escalation chatbot

How to activate the transfer function ?

It's very simple, it's a function like the others displayed in the BOTNATION AI chatbottool. No complicated settings. As soon as a user is exposed to this function the bot
administrator and possibly other people (added in "advanced settings") receive an
email notification and a link to access the conversation. At this point, your chatbot is
paused. You have 12 hours to answer, after this time the chatbot takes again the
hand. Of course you can extend this time as you wish. Last point, you can also at
any time put the user in contact with the chatbot again.

As sometimes a small video is better than a long speech I invite you to look below:

Frequently asked question

Why do I see a message telling me that it does not work?

This is normal because the transfer function is only activated when your chatbot is
online. If you are on the "Botnation Preview" page it will not work.

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