So far, the vocal mode only is available on Google Home but it works perfectly on Google Assistant.

Google needs a few requirements before you can create a vocal bot for Google Home / Google Assistant. Once ticked the following boxes, we'll be glad to unlock this mode for you on Botnation !

First and foremost, you should have a Google developer account that you can create through the following link :

You have to use a formal Gmail account such as, not a corporate or Google App account other you may have troubles testing your operations due to reinforced security on Google Enterprise's side.

Go to "Actions Console", then accept all the authorizations :

WARNING : Once again, log in with a proper Gmail account (, domain must absolutely be

Then, click on "Add a project"

Give your project a name and select the appropriate language

On the next page, click on the settings button (the wheel-looking one), then click on "Project Settings"

Copy / paste the Project ID, you'll need it !

Google requires a few extra elements such as a presentation of your service and graphic elements.

Here are the technical specificities for the Google icon and the banner, transparent PNG are preferred :

  • Large banner image (1920 x 1080)

  • Small square logo (192 x 192) 

Now those operations are done, contact us and deliver your Project ID so as we activate it on our side and SDK actions are available. This ID will link your calls to Google and Botnation AI. 

We'll need to talk with you (by email)  for this step to transmit the Google key and to check the set up.

As you understood in the previous paragraphs, this operation requires an extra amount of work for our teams, then we'll do it only if you already subscribed to our Elite Offer (excluding trial period or promo code).

At this point, only a test bot will be available for this account and the identified testers, you won't be able to transmit it to external users. We currently have a waitlist. 

In order to publish it, the bot will need to be tested and approved by Google. It must respect the associated rules, just like a mobile app on the App Store. This delay can last from a few days up to a few weeks. Google has the right to refuse projects. 

Last but not least, please find Google recommendations here :

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