IMPORTANT: A new ZAPIER Module is now available. Much more flexible than the use of Webhooks. Please consult the new documentation

The simplest solution is to connect your chatbot Botnation via the Zapier connector. You will be able to export your data collected during the conversation to zapier.


How to do :

First and foremost: You must have an account on Zapier

1 - Create your conversation flow

2 - Use the "Webhook" function once the variables that interest you (first name, mail, phone number, etc. collected)

3 - Copy paste the "webhook" that Zapier will have communicated to you. Do not forget to test your bot for validation on Zapier.

4 - it's done! Your zap is connected. You will automatically receive the data collected by your chatbot.

💡 Having a hard time creating your zap at Zapier? 

1- Click on "Make a zap" to create your zap. 

2- Click on “Webhooks”.

3- Select "Catch Hook".

4 - Copy the URL of your webhook then click on "continue".

5-  Click on "continue". 

6- Your webhook is created. 

Goodto know
The variables received by Zapier and to be integrated later in your document at Zapier must start with QueryString.LA_VARIABLE.

Zapier must prsent them to you in a drop-down menu, if the variable does not appear in this menu it is because Zpier have not assigned it, check it carefully in your Webhook.

If you want to be sure that the variable contains information before it is sent, you can, for testing, display a message just before the Webhook which displays the variable. Because if the variable is empty Zapier has nothing to record but the call to them does not generate any particular error.

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