BOTNATION AI offers game models that you can integrate into your chatbot. We will
see, in this article, how to add and customize them according to your desires.

Creating a game

The game creation interface is accessible by clicking on the "Games" icon in the
chatbot's menu bar. You will then be offered to choose from a list of game templates
already created. This list is enriched with new games regularly. Here is a description
of the games currently available:

  • Dotty: This is a game model whose goal is to create a maximum of chains of points of the same color in a given time.

  • Memory: as its name indicates it is a model of "memory" games whose goal is to find the maximum of pairs of images in a given time.

You can test these games before adding them to get a better idea of their gameplay.
If you have already created a game, the interface will directly display the
customization module of it. To find the game creation interface just click on the "Add
a game" button in the left bar.

Customization of the game

After choosing a game model, you can customize it by putting your own images and/or sounds, replacing existing texts or changing some gameplay settings.

The customization interface is divided into three parts:

  1. The title bar: here you can rename your game, duplicate it or delete it.

  2. The personalization zone: here you can modify the images, the texts and the gameplay parameters of the game model.

  3. The preview area: here you can play the game and see your changes in real time.

We will study in more detail the possibilities offered by the customization area. All
models have a common module allowing you to modify:

  • the game logo (displayed at the top center)

  • the background image of the game

  • the color of the texts

  • the color of the buttons

  • the duration of the game (minimum 30s, maximum 120s)

  • the texts displayed in the game (both in the menus and in the buttons)

  • the sounds of the game

To edit an image just drag your file to the corresponding area, or click on this area
and then manually choose your file. An ideal size is usually indicated for the image. If
your image is of a different size, a cropping tool will be offered.

To edit a sound you must first delete the existing one by clicking on the delete icon.
You can then add your own sound by dragging it to the corresponding area or by
clicking on this area and selecting it. If you leave a blank area then the game will not
play sound for the associated event. A maximum size is indicated for each sound.
The loading time of the game depends greatly on the size of the sounds. The mp3
format is mandatory.

At the bottom of the customization area you will find a module specific to each game


The Memory game model works with a rotation of themes. That is, if the player
succeeds in finding all the pairs of the first theme and has time left, the next theme in
the rotation will be displayed.
By default there are 3 themes activated in the rotation. You can activate / deactivate
a theme by clicking on the associated checkbox.
To customize a theme you need an image representing the back of the map and 8
images representing pairs to find.


The Dotty game model allows you to choose the number of different points that will
be displayed to the player (between 3 and 6). The fewer points there are, the easier
the game is. On the contrary, the more points there are, the more difficult the game
For each point you can modify its image and the color of the line that will link them. It
should be noted that, whatever the image you put, only the central circular part will
be taken into account.
Finally it is also possible to modify the image of the support of the points (as for the
points only the central part will be taken into account).

Integration of the game in the bot

The integration of the game in the chatbot is via the story "Game". This story must be
at the end of the sequence.

The story consists of the following elements:

  • A text that will be displayed to the user before launching the game.

  • The title of the button that will launch the game.

  • The game chosen from the list of created games.

  • The name of the variable that will contain the user's score.

  • The name of the sequence that will be started when the user leaves the game.

It should be noted that on Facebook Messenger, if the user leaves the game byclosing the webview with the cross, the redirection sequence will not be launched.This requires that the user leaves the game with the button "Back to the bot".

Here you are, you are ready to integrate a game in your chatbot and thus to bring
even more fun to your users. Let your imagination be free !

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