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πŸ†˜ When something's wrong with your bot
Your chatbot writes everything in duplicate or does not respond normally.
Your chatbot writes everything in duplicate or does not respond normally.
This Bug might happen and be difficult to treat, we give you the solution here.
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If your bot sends everything in duplicate is that there is a problem. In most cases,
this is because your users repeatedly click the action buttons.
In other cases it's a bit more complex. We will explain everything to you.

Your chatbot made with Botnation is linked to a Facebook page

When you register for BOTNATION AI, you normally allow BOTNATION AI to take
control of your Facebook page, otherwise you can not activate your bot.

Before you get started on BOTNATIONAI you may have done tests on other
chatbots creation platforms. At that time you also gave them permission to reply in
Facebook Messenger.
The problem lies precisely here. If you have a chatbot made with BOTNATION AI on
the Facebook page "Gloogloo" and you have developed another chatbot on a
competing platform that is also linked with the Facebook page "Gloogloo" then the 2
bots will answer creating confusion.

How to check that only BOTNATIONAI is active?

1 - Connect to Facebook and go to your Facebook page related to your chatbot
made with BOTNATION AI.

2 - Go to the settings of the Facebook page. "Settings" tab at the top right. And
select "Messenger Platform" on the left.
πŸ˜‰ Tip: The URL of your page to access it directly should be:
You just have to change "NAME-OF-YOUR-PAGE" by the name of your page.
Example for the page of BOTNATION AI it would be:

3 - In the view that opens to the right, make sure that BOTNATION AI is the only
active chatbot creation platform.
(You may have other solutions enabled such as Intercom or iAdvize that will not
parasitize the chatbot part - so do not disable them).
If another platform you have tested on is still present, simply click on "Uninstall".
πŸ‘‰ If all is good you should see this:

4 - Try your chatbot again. The problem must now be fixed πŸ˜€

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