Add a video in your chatbot 📺
Add a video story, mp4
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📺 Videos allow you to engage more your user. It's great for sharing a new video clip, highlights of a sport team or the features of your product. 

Here are the steps for adding a video:
1 -  Create a new bot or open an existing one
2 - In the "Stories" elements (right screen) and then click on "video"
3 - Select a video from your computer. 3mb max. mp4 only.
4 - You may wait a little bit during the upload ⏳
5 - Here you go! You video is ready!

💡 You can also copy and paste a video URL (mp4) hosted on dropbox for example (25mb max).
You just have to change the 0 by 1 at the end of the story and paste it on the URL of the story video.

Here is a video about this :

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