Thanks to the module "Push notifications", you can send a message to groups of
users according to the filters set up. Of course, you can only target people who have
used your chatbot. In addition, you can schedule your notifications and restart them
at the desired times and times. Here are the steps to create a notification.

1- Create a sequence

In order to create your notification, you must first create a sequence. For example, in this example, the sequence is named "Notification".

2- Notification area.

When your sequence is created, click on the bell. 🛎

3- Create a notification

You are currently in the notification space. With this feature you can send
personalized notifications to users directly on Facebook Messenger.

  • First add a title to your notification that will become the name of your campaign. In the example below the name of the campaign is named
  • In a second time connect the sequence you created to your new "Horoscope" campaign.

4- Customize your notification.

You can segment your target by clicking condition (optional).

  • You can use the default variables given by Facebook. You can even go further by creating segments that blend targeting criteria based on data collected through your custom variables and imposing a value.
  • You can choose the time to send your notification and the date.
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